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• Are there any policies I need to abide by?
   Yes. Upon signing up for any of our services, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service, Acceptable ...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5062        Modified on 2005-08-19

• Do you allow adult hosting?
   No. Adult websites are not allowed on our servers. Please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4937        Modified on 2005-07-30

• Do you offer any other control panel program besides cPanel?
    No. We currently only offer the cPanel control panel....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5500        2005-07-25

• Can I change my cPanel skin to another skin?
   Yes. We are using the RVSkins with CPanel which allows you to change your own skin.If you would like...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5070        Modified on 2005-07-26

• What form of payment do you take?
   We accept all major credit cards. We also take Paypal payments along with Cheques and Direct Deposit...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5423        Modified on 2005-10-26

• Do you offer custom plans?
    Yes. Please contact our sales department with your request at
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5089        2005-07-26

• Can I register my domain name through you?
   Not yet, but you can soon!...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4981        Modified on 2005-07-30

• How long does it take to setup my account?
   We do security checks on every signup to prevent malicious users (frauds, spammers, etc) from enter...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5089        2005-07-26

• Do I get my own CGI bin?
    Yes. Every web hosting account gets their own seperate CGI bin....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5070        2005-07-26

• Will advertisements be placed on my website?
    No. Your website will be completely ad free, unless of course you put your own ads on there....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5336        2005-07-26

• How long does it take for DNS settings to change over?
   DNS changes can take anywhere from 24 - 72 hours to finish updating.   This is out of both our hand...
   Rating :        Hits : 42010        Modified on 2005-07-30

• What is your money back guarantee?
   All of our hosting plans come with an unconditional guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our se...
   Rating :        Hits : 5424        Modified on 2005-07-30

• Do you offer any other services besides web hosting?
   Yes. We also offer domain name registrations, web design services, SSL certificates, merchant accou...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 6510        2005-07-26

• Can I password protect directories?
    Yes. You can password protect any directory from within your control panel....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5051        2005-07-26

• What kind of support do you offer?
    We offer 24x7 LIVE technical support via email. Our Tecnical support team will usually reply ...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5053        2005-07-26

• Do your servers support SSL?
    Yes. We offer free shared SSL or you can purchase your own SSL certificate and we will instal...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4998        2005-07-26

• Can I use server side includes (SSI)?
    Yes. SSI is enabled on every web hosting plan....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5254        2005-07-26

• Do you allow clients to advertise for money on their website?
    Yes. Advertising does not break our Acceptable Use Policy....
   Rating :        Hits : 4965        2005-07-26

• Does Flash work on SONICclick's servers?
    Yes, Flash does work on SONICclick's servers. This is the general HTML format that you should...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5313        2005-07-26