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• What is a Top-Level-Domain (TLD)?
   TLD stands for Top Level Domain. This includes any domain names which suffix is .com, .net, .org. T...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4988        2005-07-28

• Do you support streaming media video/audio?
   We support media streaming over HTTP. To accomplish this, you would create a .ram file that calls...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 5231        Modified on 2005-07-31

• How long does it take to activate my account?
   We manually verify every account. The actual time depends on the billing method selected but can ta...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4908        2005-07-28

• How do I purchase a domain name?
   To register a new domain name, simply click on any order now button and enter in the domain name yo...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4920        2005-07-28

• Is it possible to upgrade my plan afterwards?
   Yes, and you can even do this for free! All upgrades are processed within 24 hours. Submit an email...
   Rating :        Hits : 4978        2005-07-28

• Can I have multiple domains point to the same website?
   Yes. This service is commonly referred to as "Domain Pointer" and allows you to have as many domain...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4804        2005-07-28

• Do you host adult sites, warez sites or sites containing illegal material?
    Warez sites, adult sites, and illegal material will never be accepted on our servers....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4933        2005-07-28

• What is a URL?
   URL stands for uniform resource locator and that makes perfect sense if you think in internet terms...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4757        2005-07-28

• Can I send SPAM? What is your policy on this?
   Spamming, or the sending of unsollicited email from our servers or using an email address that is r...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4749        2005-07-28

• What's the quickest way to access webmail?
   In addition to the link in your control panel for each account, you can go straight to webmail by do...
   Rating :        Hits : 4726        Modified on 2005-07-31

• Does SONICclick host foreign domains?
   Yes. However, it is important to understand that most non-TLD domain names will not be registered b...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4776        2005-07-28

• Do I need to www in front of my domain name to access my site?
    No. You can access your website with or without the www in front of your domain name....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4807        2005-07-28

• Will I be able to update my site whenever I want to?
   Yes. You will be able to access your online control panel 24/7 to manage every aspect of your accou...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4779        2005-07-28

• What are the fees for a new domain name?
    Domain name registration fees start at $9.95 per year....
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4771        2005-07-28

• Can I host any domain with you? Can you register them for me?
   Yes, you can host any domain name with us, as long as you are able to point it to our nameservers. ...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4924        2005-07-28

• What does it cost to put my site on the internet?
   Nowadays, very little! With hosting for as low as AUD$7.45 and a domain name for $9.95, you can hav...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4856        2005-07-28

• Do you offer telephone support?
   No, not at this time.  We do offer 24x7 email support which nearly always resolves any issues within...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4802        2005-07-28

• How do I get my welcome email?
   You will receive a welcome letter after we activate your account which can take up to 24 hours. Thi...
   Rating : Not rated        Hits : 4786        2005-07-28